What did I learn?
For this project I wanted to focus on AI. I had just learned about Decision Making in games in our Gameplay Programming course, more specifically Behavior Trees, Finite State Machines and Influence Maps. After making this project I learned how to properly use Unreal’s Behavior Tree system in combination with a Backboard for all necessary data used to control the AI. Since we were making a horror game I wanted to fine-tune the AI in such a way that the player would never know where the AI would appear or when it would stop chasing after the player. I really enjoyed experimenting with the Behavior Tree to eventually get a proper AI for our game. Besides the AI I also focused on several game mechanics such as the rollercoaster using a spline and the dropper also using a spline.
- Oliver Lambreghts
- Enzo Mannaert
- Wouter de Moor

- Yvette Kooke
- Antijn van der Gun
Oogie's Spacepark is a game I made along with 4 other DAE students. We made it for the 2021 Megajam for which we had 1 week.

In the game you play as someone who is stuck in a space-themed amusement park at night. In order to escape the park, you need to do certain things like collect fuses, ride a rollercoaster, find a code for a safe and so on.

Of course, it being a horror game, there is an entity that chases you around the park, Oogie. Oogie is an alien mascot that wanders around but chases you once it spots you.

This was the very first game jam I participated in and subsequently also the first game that I made in a team.

I mainly focused on the implementation of the enemy AI using Unreal's built-in Behavior Tree and Blackboard system. It was the first time I had ever used UE4 to program a game AI.

Besides the enemy AI I also implemented some gameplay mechanics such as the rollercoaster and the dropper.

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