What did I learn?
For this project I focused on the input system using Unity’s new input system to handle local multiplayer support. I also focused on several game mechanics such as the eruption which causes a storm of meteors to fall down onto the playing field which the players have to avoid in order not to get stunned. The camera was also something I worked on in order to add player feedback by implementing camera shakes when necessary.
- Oliver Lambreghts
- Wouter de Moor
- Gianni Walraet

- Thomas Vansteelandt
Volcano Brawl is a 2-4 player PvP game I made with 3 classmates as a submission for the CREA-Week game jam hosted by our school. This game was made in 4 days.
The goal is to punch your opponents off the playing field and into the lava. The last person who manages to survive, wins the game.

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